I know what it feels to get stuck choosing between too many offers that all sound the same. That’s why I designed 3 very simple packages to make it easy to pick the right one for you!



Transform from the Heart


This is the one that is deeply rooted in deep transformation coaching which if you have read any other part of my website, you will know is what can be such a special experience. In this program I provide the safe space for you to find the trust within yourself and connect with your heart desires.


Sometimes we just need someone to hold our hand and help us reconnect to ourselves, accessing our inner wisdom and releasing what no longer serves us.


3 x 1:1 coaching session via zoom

Unlimited Email/or WhatsApp support in between sessions

A safe virtual space for you to experience your own breakthroughs

Every client is unique but generally 3 sessions is the minimum required to experience breakthroughs. After our first three sessions we pause and reflect on your progress and agree together whether you will benefit from further sessions.


✓ Overwhelmed to Focused and Energised

✓ Unloving to Loving, Loved and Kind

✓ Worried or Anxious to Calm and Confident

$300 / £250 (Price in Euro available on request)



Break Up with Pain

Living with ongoing pain can sometimes feel like being in prison with no way to break free. Unluckily for me I know exactly how you feel but luckily for you, I found the way out and it is my wish for you to be able to do the same.


This special program is close to my heart because of the years I spent trying to live with chronic pain of different kinds from neck to migraines. This package is designed to help you manage your day to day life living with pain better and to find hope again. In this program, you will not only benefit from coaching but also gain practical advice drawn from my experience as a Yoga Teacher and Thai Massage Therapist.


✓ 6 1:1 coaching sessions via zoom

✓ Unlimited Email or WhatsApp support

in between sessions

 Free eBook “Living with daily pain”

✓ Personalized healing for your unique challenges

Whilst there is no rigid plan, in order to cover important healing modalities, we will look at: 

  • Establishing a baseline

  • Manage pain at home and/or at work

  • Exercise/Treatment/Yoga

  • Spirituality & Mindset

  • Plan and vision going forward

My clients have often commented that being able to live better with pain is priceless. If you are looking to break free from the pain that is limiting your life now, then this package is best for you.


Pain limiting your life to being able to LIVE BETTER

✓ Frustrated to Hopeful

Unmanageable to manageable

$600 / £500 (Price in Euro available on request)



Healthy Home Office


I have been fortunate enough to have worked from home for a few years but I remember what it was like working in an office in corporate London. Many people are now facing a new normal of working from home for the foreseeable future and its important to make some key adjustments.


Maybe a few months in you are starting to feel the discomfort or odd neck pain. Or you are just struggling adjusting to work from home, unable to find a structure in your day to day home office or simply feeling tired of the current ongoing working conditions, then this session is for you.


1-1.5hr Session via Zoom

Unlimited Email/or WhatsApp support 

Practical personal hints & tips recommended yoga excercises

I created this session specifically for a client who was feeling all the below, and after a single session the change she felt was so impactful, I decided to help even more people.

If you are now faced with working from home and would like to move from:

✓ Unstructured to Tailored Structure

Tired to Energised

✓ Anxious to Calm, Collected and Confident

Then this one-off session (PLUS a 20 min follow up) is perfect for you! Note that this isn't a standard "How to Set Up your Workspace". This session combines practical guidance & mindful processes.  That's what makes it impactful and unique!

$100 / £85 (Price in Euro available on request)



Let's have a quick chat and let me guide you from there :)

Success Stories


I was fortunate to work with Anke over a period of six months. At the time, I was dealing with powerful emotions – primarily anger – over challenging family relationships and life changes.

Anke’s presence was at all times warm and compassionate. I always felt heard and accepted, without the slightest trace of judgment towards me, ever. Our sessions provided a supportive space in which I could explore difficult emotions that I would otherwise have avoided looking at, or could not get to the root of on my own. Anke’s thoughtful questions helped me to dig deep within and to gain clarity on what was truly going on for me. I came out of my sessions with her feeling lighter, more relaxed, and easier about the situations in my life.

I would highly recommend working with Anke to anyone looking for support with difficult life situations, and assistance in digging through difficult emotions. She has a beautiful intention to hear, truly listen, connect, and help others through their own challenging situations.

Jennifer, United States



Image by Ryan Moreno

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Deep Transformational Coaching?

Most people have heard of life coaching which usually involves addressing specific personal projects or goals and working with the coach to achieve them. This is where life coaching can be seen as transaction focused coaching. You agree a goal and then work with the coach to review where you are and how to bridge the gap.

Deep Transformational Coaching (DTC) is very different and helps you with personal growth by focusing on what is happening with you from the inside. Unlike Transactional coaching which is goal orientated and focused on doing, DTC is primarily about “being”.

An easy to understand example is the metaphor of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Like the caterpillar is struggling to come out of its cocoon, in real life we struggle to break free from our destructive patterns and our old conditioning.

DTC provides the space and opportunity to heal and to transform.

Does it work online?

Absolutely. This style of coaching is talk therapy based so can be done in person, through video call or just a phone call. In fact, clients have found that holding the sessions online can be better because there are fewer distractions. We can use either Zoom or WhatsApp.

Is it similar to Counselling?

Counselling is very different although admittedly there are some similarities. Deep Transformation Coaching is not Counselling. Generally speaking, coaching is more future-focused and counselling is more past-focused. The counsellor can give a diagnosis and treatment whilst in coaching the client is encouraged to make their own discoveries. If you feel you are in a deep crisis then I would advise you to seek professional help from a qualified Counsellor.

Do I need to have a topic prior to the coaching session?

Most people have an expectation of the topics they want to cover but it is not necessary. The idea is that through the creation of a safe space together whatever you need to focus on will reveal itself during the session. Quite often, as soon as the clients turns inwards, and goes deeper, the actual topic wasn’t in fact the primary concern. Being open and leaving space for what wants to happen is key.

What will I gain from Coaching?

You will feel closer to your authentic self and better able to meet life’s challenges. You will be more grounded, have more energy and able to make decisions that are truly coming from your heart. You may feel more confident and light. Quite often clients have commented that a “burden has been lifted” but of course everybody’s session and outcome will vary.

How long does Deep Transformational Coaching take to be effective?

DTC is very much person-centred coaching which means every session is different as is every client/coach experience. The minimum I would recommend is 3 sessions which if often enough to achieve some breakthroughs although for Deep Transformational Coaching to truly make big shifts within I would recommend up to 6 sessions. You can find details of my packages here.

Can coaching be done in German?

Indeed. Coaching can also be done in German.

How do I know if Deep Transformation Coaching is right for me?

There are many reasons why DTC can work for you. It is coaching that goes deeper and is more spiritual aligned. To make the decision as to whether this style of coaching is right for you then I would recommend booking a free session. This will provide the opportunity for us to chat about where you are now and how best to move forward.



Let's have a quick chat and let me guide you from there :)