"I was fortunate to work with Anke over a period of six months. At the time, I was dealing with powerful emotions – primarily anger – over challenging family relationships and life changes.

Anke’s presence was at all times warm and compassionate. I always felt heard and accepted, without the slightest trace of judgment towards me, ever. Our sessions provided a supportive space in which I could explore difficult emotions that I would otherwise have avoided looking at, or could not get to the root of on my own. Anke’s thoughtful questions helped me to dig deep within and to gain clarity on what was truly going on for me. I came out of my sessions with her feeling lighter, more relaxed, and easier about the situations in my life.

I would highly recommend working with Anke to anyone looking for support with difficult life situations, and assistance in digging through difficult emotions. She has a beautiful intention to hear, truly listen, connect, and help others through their own challenging situations."

Jennifer, United States

I was introduced to Anke during a very stressful time in my life, having been in remission from cancer since 2012. I was dealing with significant post operative scar tissue pain. At the same time my elderly mother in a nursing home and she was rapidly deteriorating.


One of the biggest challenges I had in my life, as a result, was always trying to please other people, and not taking care of myself. If i made an engagement with friends, I would push myself to commit to them, even if the other challenges in my life meant I simply wasn’t up to it.


Before working with Anke, I was skeptical that talking to someone over the phone would be able to help me. But I’m happy to say that I was wrong!


Straight away, talking to Anke was like talking to an old friend, she was able to quickly identify and understand my internal struggle, and help me begin to understand exactly what was going on in my own mind and body.


She helped me understand that it is OK for me to change my mind, and put myself first sometimes - even if that meant potentially “letting someone else down”. And that anyone who cared about me would also put my health first.


This helped to relieve a huge mental pressure I was placing on myself.


She also helped me realise that I was truly doing the best I could in life. For myself, my friends and, most importantly, for my Mum.

Now, when I begin to find myself in a situation where I am pushing myself too much, or feeling guilty about not being able to please other people as much as I’d like - I remember Anke’s supporting voice and advice - and slowly but surely I am changing my life for the better!

Thank you so much Anke!

Sue, United Kingdom

"Das Coaching mit Anke hat mich einen wichtigen Schritt voran kommen lassen. Toll, wie man auch über große Entfernung sehr gute Erkenntnisse für sich erzielen kann. Danke Anke.“

Monica, Germany

Anke steht mir seit einigen Wochen in einer schweren Lebensphase mit ihrer warmen und achtsamen Art zur Seite. Sie begleitet mich sanft durch meine Krise und zeigt mir, wie wichtig es jetzt ist, den Druck aus allem raus zu nehmen. Sie hört aufmerksam zu und stellt nach und nach tiefer gehende Fragen, die mich zum Kern meiner Sorgen führen. Ich fühle mich liebevoll an- und wahrgenommen. Wir telefonieren von Kontinent zu Kontinent und ich fühle mich ihr trotz der Entfernung sehr nah.

Steffi, Germany

"I have had a few sessions with Anke the past several months and have come to really enjoy her deep coaching space. In a recent session I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious about starting something new  in my life and as we explored my situation, Anke intuitively guided me back to my heart and to what my heart was calling me for. It was then that I experienced a shift, I felt calm and peace and a clear vision formed on how to step forward. Anke is a intuitive and gifted transformational coach. I have found her sessions to be joyful, loving and uplifting. She emits such radiant joy and love that when I am in her coaching space, I feel like I am being bathed in a glorious ray of sunshine! I highly recommend Anke for a coaching session!"

Sabina, Canada

"I looked forward to my coaching sessions with Anke. Her coaching style strikes a unique balance of careful listening and sharing thoughts.  This balance was helpful to my journey. I began working with her at a time when I was transitioning from a stuck worn-out life to a life I love.  Anke carefully and compassionately reflected my situations by masterfully using transformative deep coaching practices, which helped me reframe and reconsider my choices."

Linda, United States


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