Light & Mindful

1 Month / 3 Sessions / £260

This programme is ideal for you if you  want look at a particular issue.

The agenda is bespoke to you - as it is your individual path and the point where you are on this path that is guiding our sessions.


Whilst the below list is not exhaustive, here are some examples of topics clients bring to my session:


  • You want to let go of an unhealthy pattern/habit in your life

  • You need help dealing with a difficult phase in your life

  • You seek to obtain clarity to be able to make a big decision

  • You are dealing with difficult emotions that are causing you anxiety/depression

  • You are finding yourself in a difficult family situation

  • You already made some shifts and now questioning your own identity

  • You have done a lot of healing already but somehow feel that there is more and you are ready to dig deeper

  • You are ready to make a major change but feel afraid that you might fail if you take the leap of faith, so you just keep putting it off?

  • You are currently going through a major life transition

Common Results

Client outcomes


  • Able to deal better with your current situation, whilst seeing the bigger picture and opportunities that are available to you

  • Able to practice more self love and give love to others


  • By making yourself vulnerable you will conquer your fears and feel more comfortable with who you are

  • You will develop courage and able to do something that scares you

  • By leaving behind unhealthy patterns and self sabotage, you will feel more whole and can start living life closer as your true authentic self

“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging."

Joseph Campbell

A Deeper Journey

3 Months / 6 Sessions / £490

With the programme being longer, you have the chance to go deeper and access emotions you weren’t maybe allowing before. It can take time to change habits, dealing with difficult emotions or letting go of past events that have impacted on your whole life.


This programme provides a great opportunity to go more inwards and as a result make profound changes.  

“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging."

Joseph Campbell

Ease &

Manage Chronic Pain

3 Months / 6 Sessions / 720

  • You are worried that you won’t be able to do your job anymore

  • You have seen every expert in trying to find a cure for your pain but everyone you talk to seems to only speak about their field of expertise and not considering you as whole person. You feel that you need to take charge of your life and your pain.

  • You are feeling helpless as your pain episodes become more frequent

  • You feel alone as no one in your family or circle of friends seems to understand you

  • You a worried as your pain is impacting on your family life or relationship

  • You find it hard deal with the challenges that your pain brings, e.g. letting people down, not being able to make commitments, suffering from depression etc.


This programme is close to my heart. It is for you if you are suffering from chronic pain. This can be neck pain, back or migraine e.g. but it can also be pain after an operation or recovering from cancer.

Working and living  with chronic pain is challenging. I will accompany you for 3 months to help you manage this difficult situation and to find a way forward so you can feel hopeful again and enjoy life with more ease.


We will incorporate Deep Coaching Practices in this programme but there will also be set topics to make sure we cover all aspects that are important when recovering from chronic pain.  As a Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist I will also introduce you to some useful exercises, tips and rituals that you can you do depending on your condition.


  • You want to be able to manage your pain better and ease your pain

  • You want to feel hopeful and have a vision again

  • You want to be in touch with your body and your emotions again

  • You want to feel light without the heavy feeling of a depression

  • You want to have more energy to be able to take part in life again

What's Included

  1. Establish a baseline

  2. Deep Coaching

  3. Being off work at home with pain & dealing with pain at work

  4. Exercise/Treatments/Yoga

  5. Spirituality/Mindset

  6. Plan and vision going forward


  • Unlimited email support

  • 3 x 10 min/scheduled telephone conversations

  • Free ebook “yes you can recover from chronic pain”

  • Supporting material


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