My Story

It's 2001, a cold Tuesday morning in London. It's only 11am. I am in the office working on a presentation.  I am already on my second lot of painkillers and I am now hiding in the bathroom. Tears running down my face; my neck pain is debilitating. 

My Story Continued...

2001, a Tuesday morning, it is only 11am. I am in London in the office working on a presentation. I am already on my second lot of painkillers and I am now hiding in the bathroom. Tears running down my face; my neck pain is debilitating.  Yet again, for the 3rd time this month, I am telling my boss “I am sorry but I need to go home, I am in agony”. I am sitting on the train to go home tears still running down my face as my pain is excruciating and I don’t know when it will stop. All I want is is to lie down.

For years now I have sought out every pain expert I can. Each expert gives me specific advice in their field.


But none of them are able to look at the whole person. At Me.


Nobody asks me any questions that would draw my attention inwards, to the core of the problem.

I am searching for something that would address my whole being.


And then I find Yoga and Thai Massage.

I am emerging myself into my yoga practice, attending yoga classes in my lunch break and spending my holidays going on yoga retreats.


Years of “work and play hard” in London left me little time to take care of myself.  Getting in touch with my body again and connecting body and mind through yoga feels good. I begin to be more “me” again.


I also spent one month in a special Back Clinic in Germany.  Taking time out, exercising daily, having massages and being in nature is nurturing and healing.

I made huge progress with yoga and staying in a Back Clinic in Germany but I just can’t bear to go through another pain episode at work so I finally I decide to leave my job to travel to Thailand. This was a real turning point in my recovery from this evil pain.

Years later in spring 2012 I find myself in the medical room at the Bank I was working for waiting for the ambulance to arrive.  I had been hit with another excruciating migraine, one of many I had been having for a few unbearable months now. I feel exasperated as I cannot believe that I have another form of debilitating pain. I am so scared that this pain will also last so many years as my previous neck pain.


In between these pain episodes my mum passed away.  Shortly after that I had counselling for about 1 year.  I began to feel like the holistic aspects about myself that we explore in these session gave me a taste of a deeper healing potential.

To be able to seek answers that I can only find inside I knew I needed someone who would listen to me and who can relate to my problems.


Although I had healed my physical pain and got closer to the roots of my suffering with the 1:1 counselling sessions I still felt that I had to discover what was below my pain.


I wondered if there was a way to reach this more quickly and in a more spiritual and heart centred way.

When I came across Deep Transformational Coaching (DTC),I knew I had found it.


With DTC I was able to make further and deeper shifts and learn how to share this with others. Deep Transformational Coaching enabled me to “come home” again, home to myself.

I believe when we are in pain and we are suffering - that we have disconnected ourselves from our core being.

DTC, Yoga and Massage have helped me on my path of recovery for the past 20 years and I am so grateful to be able to share now what I have learned with others.

I would love to be there with you every step of the way when you walk this path of transformation.

A bit more about Me...

Originally I am from Germany where I grew up on a farm.  Despite having enjoyed a great childhood playing freely outdoors in nature and surrounded by animals, I had some challenges that were causing me anxiety early on in life. I remember the psychologist my mum took me to could not really make any sense why I had such problems with my nervousness. I remember that PE classes were a real challenge for me as often I would leave the class crying as I could not cope in certain sport games.


Despite still being affected by my nervousness, I left home at 18 and moved from Germany to London when I was 22 where I spent two decades working in the Corporate world. I continued to be challenged both physically and mentally, but eventually found ways to overcome them.

Nowadays I live a much quieter life between Thailand and Europe with more space and nature around me.


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